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Our new dance theatre / classic music production 
with Asomates Dynameis Dance Company and Fusionia Quartet. 

Coming up November 24th at the Rialto Theatre, Limassol and November 25th and 26th at the Pallas Theatre, Nicosia.

"Is it true that you will always wait for me under the arbour next to the wall of the vineyard?"  
A city, a community, a war, a ghetto, a displacement, a farewell, a promise for an uncertain meeting after the return to a place that may no longer exist. 
Felix Mendelssohn's heart-breaking composition of his youth, with the above-mentioned title, meets the stories of separations that took place hundred years later. A town that lost many of its inhabitants, houses that suddenly were left abandoned, families who were split and crammed into trains to an unknown destination. Hands that didn't have time to hug, caress, say goodbye. 
A tribute to the citizens of emptied cities. At night the breeze brings their voices and songs to the neighbourhoods where they once lived: "Is it true that you will wait for me under the arbour next to the wall of the vineyard?"
My mother's stories about the extermination of the Jewish community of Thessaloniki, in 1943, including several of her friends became the motivation for this piece 
Over the time span of only some months - with gradual restrictions, and finally a complete imprisonment in the ghetto - about 50.000 of the city’s Jewish inhabitants were dispatched with the "trains of death" to the Nazi extermination camps. 
The piece aims to give a human face and a voice to those who perished.  
In this endeavour I encountered Leon Saltiel’s book "Don't forget me"- Letters of three Jewish mothers to their sons from the ghetto of Thessaloniki. It struck me to the heart, like everyone who has read it. With his kind collaboration and the generous permission and guidance of Eleni Saltiel, wife of Maurice Saltiel we have been able to use extracts from the letters of Sarina Saltiel mother of Maurice, and through her vivid and loving letters to him, to trace her tragic and hazardous path. 
We are grateful for their trust to let us present these texts. 

Direction / Choreography: Andromachi Dimitriadou Lindahl 
Music: Felix Mendelssohn 2nd string quartet op. 13, 
Texts: extracts from the letters of Sarina Saltiel to her son Maurice, from the book "Don't forget me" curated by Leon Saltiel
Translation Eleni Saltiel.
Set / costume design: Elena Katsouri
Lighting: George Lazoglou 

Narrator: Vasilis Vasilakis 
Fusionia Quartet: Marios Ioannou (violin), Savvas Lagou (violin), Sorin Horlea (viola), Robert Grod (cello). 
Dance: Paulina Ioannou, Vicky Kalla, Maria Chrysostomou, Aneesha Michael.

Production Asomates Dynameis Dance Company with the support of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, within Terpsichore 2020 program. 

Graphic design Ernst Lindahl 

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